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Turnbull Management stands for a fundamental shift in culture,
a dramatic revolution in operating costs,
a step change in customer satisfaction and time to serve.

Turnbull Management is a specialist business transformation firm that delivers a dramatic improvement in profitability and customer satisfaction by looking at how your business works. We will help you to redesign your operating model in a ‘hands-on’ manner to re-focus end-to-end processes on the customer in order to significantly reduce costs and improve service levels.

A clear understanding of your organisation’s objectives is fundamental at every level to ensure that success is delivered. Through our unique approach with Newcastle College, we can provide you with a perfect blend of hands-on change together with a skilled team for sustained success. We also offer focussed operations trouble-shooting services to quickly turn around problematic business units. We have stabilised and transformed operations for some of the biggest FTSE 100 businesses.

Our Client Engagement Process

We will rapidly identify all current issues with your business that could result in a dramatic transformation.
To achieve this we will apply one of, or a combination of, our three main improvement lenses:

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Improvements Delivered

Cost Avoidance
Management training has prevented needless investment
P&L Cost Savings
Process changes have resulted in large cost savings
Number of problem business units turned around through hands-on troubleshooting
Avg lead time reduction
Training clients in quicker changeovers has reduced delivery time

Turnbull Management provides change to surpass your business objectives with a positive return on investment

Operations Trouble Shooting

Do you have a problem business unit? A major regulatory issue? An operation that is starting to fail? We are experts in emergencies. We have stabilised and transformed a number of operating units urgently for some of the largest FTSE 100 companies.

Our approach is to quickly parachute into the business area, conduct a 5 day rapid diagnostic to provide you with a no-punches-held account of what the problems really are across, amongst others, Strategy, HR, Process, Technology, Skills and Risk. Once the situation is stable, we will create a road map for long term sustainability before managing the turnaround for you.

Contact our trouble shooting expert, founder and chairman Graham Turnbull, for confidential and personal advice on 0777 543 7181.

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Proven experts

Meet the team

Having worked for some of the world’s largest blue chip companies, our experts bring over 100 years combined experience in specialist business improvement.

Graham Turnbull

Graham Turnbull

David Beamsley

David Beamsley

Principal Consultant
Mark Bolton

Mark Bolton

Operations Manager
Neil Gow

Neil Gow

Course Leader


Newcastle College
ILM Lean Leadership & Management

Course Overview

Course Overview

Introduction to Hoshin Kanri

Introduction to Hoshin Kanri

Role of the Supervisor

Role of the Supervisor

Tools & Techniques of Lean

Tools & Techniques of Lean

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“We don’t advise change, we deliver it.”

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